Dry The River 3D Poster Project

Xavier Barrade collaboration due

Dry The River have been working on a 3D poster campaign with Xavier Barrade.

Emerging last year, Dry The River’s pastoral vision of British songwriter captured the attention of many. However given the the flood of folk influenced material emerging from Albion, the band struggled to stand out.

Now it seems they won’t have that problem again. Dry The River have embarked on a new collaboration with French artist Xavier Barrade, resulting in a hugely inventive new poster campaign.

Barrade caught the band’s attention after completing his contemporary arexhibition “Retrospective”, which achieved world wide coverage in the arts press despite being entirely fictional with much of it made from 3D paper models.

Getting in touch, Dry The River began exchanging ideas with the French artist. Using strong themes drawn from the natural world, Xavier Barrade began toying with imagery inspired by horses.

The resulting poster springs from the wall, with a horse seemingly ready to bound into the street. Each structure was designed in 3D using Google Sketch Up, before being printed out in their component parts and hand-assembled.

Taking 35 hours to complete, each structure was complex and time consuming. A beautiful way to bring their material to public attention, Dry The River have erected the structures across London.

As a special bonus, Xavier Barrade has produced a timelapse video featuring the construction of one of the structures.

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