Gil Scott Heron Album Plans

New release from funk legend

Funk legend and one of the primary influences on rap Gil Scott Heron is set to return with a new album next year.

Born in Chicago, Gil Scott Heron spent much of his youth in the deep South where he witnessed first hand the violence and racism that afflicted much of black life.

Thoughtful and literate, Gil Scott Heron studied at Lincoln University where he aimed to follow in the footsteps of his hero, Langston Hughes. Deeply influenced by jazz and emerging soul style, Scott-Heron began crafting his own unique style of songwriting.

With half-spoken vocals and jazz-like arrangements Gil Scott-Heron’s music broke new ground. Extremely individual, the songwriter’s early classic ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ stands as a classic of black activism.

However since his 70s heyday Gil Scott-Heron’s career has dwindled. Drug problems have led to his incarceration, while ironically his original funk and soul recordings have gone on to find an even bigger audience.

Thanks to being sampled on hip hop records many more are familiar with Scott-Heron’s work than the young songwriter could have anticipated. Easily accessible through re-issues, Gil Scott-Heron’s work can now stand somewhere between Langston Hughes, John Coltrane and James Brown.

Freed from prison in 2007, the singer is now set to release a new album. His first since 1994, Scott-Heron will release ‘I’m New Here’ early next year, with a release date yet to be confirmed.

The album was recorded in New York over the past eighteen months, with Gil Scott Heron also working on a new book. Titled ‘The Last Holiday’ the book has not been given a publication date.

Gil Scott Heron will release his new album next year.

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