Grimes Admits To “Basically Blackmailing” Hipster Runoff

After the blog made fun of her...

Grimes has seemingly admitted to "DDOS-ing" and "basically blackmailing" Hipster Runoff.

The 00s blog became a key new music hub, but was known for its satirical, sometimes caustic tone.

Grimes became a favourite Hipster Runoff artist, but that didn't mean that she was immune from its acidic pen.

Chatting to Vanity Fair, Grimes recalled a picture of her kissing an unnamed woman, which was leaked online.

Insisting this was “before the woke era” Grimes then became an internet target, causing her to react.

Grimes recruited a friend to launch a "DDOS" attack on the blog, with the artist adding she “basically blackmailed” blog editor Carles into taking the article about her down.

There is actually corroboration of this: chatting to VICE at the time, Carles revealed the attack on the blog was extremely damaging, and destroyed his back-ups.

Find the interview below.

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