Yoko Ono Album Plans

All star cast assembled

Renowned Japanese performance artist and musician Yoko Ono is due to release her new album this Autumn.

Perhaps over-shadowed by the achievements of her husband John Lennon, Yoko Ono has nonetheless enjoyed a lengthy and influential career of her own. Her atonal approach to rock pre-figured the experiments of the No Wave movement, while the out there disco of ‘Walking On Thin Ice’ brought her a hit single.

Ono’s voice is an instrument that veers towards emotional impact rather than musical virtuosity. Freeform, the Japanese musician was inspired by jazz artists such as Albert Ayler at a time when even the most rebellious rock artists rarely stepped outside of the twelve bar.

Yoko Ono has been busy of late recording her new album. Assembling an all star cast, it should see her step out of the shadows. A family affair, the album features Ono’s song Sean Lennon, whose mixture of bubblegum pop and crunching alt rock has made him a successful songwriter in his own right.

Also due to appear on the forthcoming album are Cornelius and Yuka Honda of Cibo Matto, amongst others. Due to be released in the United States in September, the album follows 2007’s ‘Yes I’m A Witch’ which contained contributions from the likes of The Flaming Lips, Cat Power and English space rock icons Spiritualized.

Titled ‘My Head And The Sky’ the album is due to be preceded by a four track sampler EP titled ‘Don’t Stop Me!’ which will be released through iTunes.

Released on June 9th, the EP’s tracklisting is as follows:

‘The Sun Is Down!’ (Cornelius Mix)
‘Ask the Elephant!’
‘Feel the Sand’

Yoko Ono has been occupying her time recently with her usual challenging artistic endeavours. In a world first, the singer is set to judge an interactive haiku competition with entries submitted via the social networking site Twitter.

The artist has also prepared a controversial new exhibit which contains the bloodied clothes John Lennon was wearing when he was shot dead. Defying public criticism, Ono is continuing to tread her own path.

Yoko Ono is due to release her new album ‘My Head And The Sky’ in September.

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